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Smearing, Toe Hook, Jamming, Clawing & Edging

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Climbing Shoes

The right climbing shoes are crucial for your performance on the rock or in the hall.

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Renting Out Climbing Shoes

Red Chili RENTAL Shoes for Bouldering and Climbing Gyms

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What Are the Key Features of a Good Climbing Shoe?

Development and design teams face the challenging task of using different materials and technologies.

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Climbing Shoe Technology Explained

What’s in a Sole? Laces or VCR? Why is Asymmetry Important? Do I Need a Downturn and Pre-Tensioning?

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Outstanding Climbing Shoes for Children and Adolescents

Children have an intuitive urge to climb anything that gets in their way.

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Clothing Technologies

The Materials That Make up the Red Chili Collection

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Handy Climbing and Bouldering Accessories

Moist hands, tick marks, kneebars and cracks. Whichever of these challenges you are facing, Red Chili offers handy accessories to make your life easier, both in the gym and at the crag. 

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