Meet the Red Chili Climbing and Bouldering Team

Red Chili athletes are passionate about their sport and have lots of fun at the crag and in the gym. As ambitious sportspeople and committed trainers, they are the driving forces behind the development of the climbing scene and our products.  

Young Talents at Red Chili

They are young, sporty and full of enthusiasm. Together with Red Chili athlete Philipp Hans, we support young talents in climbing and bouldering. Our aim is to give young people something to take with them in their lives, to share our experiences and, above all, the joy of our favorite sport. Our three young talents, Luca, Maëlle and Fabi, recently visited Fontainebleau - one of the most beautiful bouldering spots in the world - with their families and Philipp. In addition to baguettes, climbing shoes and crashpads, the main things they brought with them were good humor and fun.