About us

When Red Chili was first established over 25 years ago, climbing was still something for wild nature boys and girls. Of course, such people still exist today, but you’ll no longer just find them on remote rock faces but also in the many climbing and bouldering gyms where people can challenge themselves and boulder to their hearts content. 

Here at Red Chili, we inject just as much passion into giving you the right gear as you do when working on problems. We offer wonderfully comfortable climbing shoes that meet all the different requirements of plastic and rock as well as clothes that you’ll never want to take off again.

What makes Red Chili climbing shoes so special

Like their wearers, every pair of Red Chili climbing shoes has its very own character. Yet despite this, they all have one thing in common: Red Chili shoes accompany you wherever you go, like a close friend helping you progress in all situations. They help you overcome your problems and make sure your feet still work the next day. So it’s not just your shoes that you can count on, we also create ultra-comfortable, casual clothing—outfits you’ll feel great in whether in the gym, at the crag, or simply in your spare time.

How it all began: the brand with the red pepper

Let’s go back to the then nature boys, Stefan Glowacz and Uwe Hofstädter, who had spent many years working as a rope team. They shared all the joys but also the agonies of climbing, which were mainly caused by painful climbing shoes. These used to either fit badly or simply be too tight and painful to wear.

A few facts 

  • Red Chili is an EDELRID GROUP brand 
  • Red Chili products are designed and developed at the head office in Isny im Allgäu 
  • The brand ABS also belongs to the group 
  • Number of employees at EDELRID: approx. 220
  • Board of Directors: Albrecht von Dewitz, Vitus Wuhrer and Markus Wanner

Red Chili’s history in figures: our milestones


Stefan Glowacz and Uwe Hofstädter found the Red Chili brand. They develop the ideas for the shoes as well as the logo with the red chili pepper and register the brand. 


Following a short development period, the first models Red Chili DURAGE, MESCALITO, and ZORRO hit the shops.


The young brand’s climbing shoes are well received and the range of models is extended to include the Red Chili HABANERO, SAUSALITO, and DOS EQUIS. 


The world-famous English climber Ben Moon joins the Red Chili team and fuels the British market.


Stefan Glowacz completes the Alpine Trilogy (End of Silence, Des Kaisers neue Kleider, and Silbergeier) in the legendary Red Chili VOODOO, which establishes itself as a distinctive performance shoe.


‘Passion on the rocks’—what was previously a trend, would be simply inconceivable in advertising language today: Red Chili captures the sector’s attention with its VOODOO marketing campaign.


The Red Chili SPIRIT and TORNADO are launched. Even today, the SPIRIT remains one of the most popular climbing shoes for both entry-level and mid-level climbers.


The Red Chili SPIRIT and TORNADO are launched. Even today, the SPIRIT remains one of the most popular climbing shoes for both entry-level and mid-level climbers.


The portfolio grows with the URBAN CLIMBER, an abrasion resistant training shoe for climbing and bouldering gyms, and the MATADOR performance shoe.


The first specific rental shoe is born: the Red Chili SESSION, the successors of which are still extremely popular choices for the rental sector.


Red Chili launches its first climbing clothing collection under the slogan ‘Only climbers know what climbers need’.


Red Chili marks its 20th anniversary with the slogan ‘Climbing Company since 1996’. In the same year, the shoe models ATOMIC & AMP (Made in Europe), LAOLA, and FLIPFLOP bring momentum to the climbing shoe market.


Red Chili and EDELRID enter into contact and plan their future merger—resulting in the new shoe model FUSION LV. The legendary VOLTAGE also injects power into the performance range.


Red Chili & EDELRID are now one. In the first year of the merger of the two German climbing brands, the new models VOLTAGE LV, FUSION, and CHARGER are launched


The first Red Chili Urban Tour. The Red Chili team tours climbing gyms with the newly born Testival, allowing everyone to test its shoe models first hand and see what they’re made of. The concept is so successful that the tour is repeated twice a year in the subsequent years.


The brand-new performance shoe MYSTIX takes performance-oriented climbers to new heights. The PUZZLE, an ergonomic shoe containing a high proportion of recycled material, is specially developed for young people.


The SENSOR, a particularly sensitive performance shoe, is launched.


A new and fresh design: the Red Chili website relaunches with a new look and feel. The Red Chili brand image is refreshed and the company’s own online shop opens