• Climbing

    My greatest successes in climbing so far (whether bouldering, climbing, on the rock or indoors, in competitions):

    A 7- in Franconian Switzerland.

    My favorite climbing spots

    My favorite climbing areas are the Zillertal, Franconian Switzerland and Arco on Lake Garda.

    My favorite boulder spots

    I also like to go bouldering in Arco and in the Zillertal.

  • Goals for the future

    My climbing specific goals:

    It would be great to achieve a placement in the Bavarian championship and to get out of the hall more for both bouldering and climbing. I also really want to get to know and try out other climbing areas, such as Saxon Switzerland.

    My non-climbing goals:

    I would like to travel a lot.

  • Hobbies

    In my free time, I like to be out and about - whether traveling with my family or swimming and SUPing at the lake. To switch off, I listen to music, read a good book or sometimes grab my flute and make music myself.