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Which Are the Best Climbing Shoes?

Find the Right Shoes for All Climbing Styles in the Red Chili Shop

No other part of your gear has as much of an impact on your climbing or bouldering performance as your climbing shoes. Whether in the gym or at the crag, your shoes help determine how securely you can stand on the smallest of ledges, large volumes, plates, or tufas, whether you successfully place a heel hook, and, of course, how much fun you have. There is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ answer as to which climbing shoes are the best. This is an individual matter that depends on the shape of your feet as well as your personal and climbing-related requirements and your experience.

Here at Red Chili, we offer the right climbing shoes for all different needs and for everyone from beginners to advanced and even professional climbers. We align our technologies in relation to precision, stability, sensitivity, and comfort so that you can find the right model for your individual requirements and purpose.

We use materials, fastening systems, and technologies that are tailored to shoes that will be worn for a long time. What’s more, all our COMFORT models have a largely neutral shape, resulting in an extremely comfortable fit. People who have only just discovered the sport need to train their feet muscles to deal with the specific requirements of bouldering and climbing. We use special midsoles that relieve the load on the feet, making it easier to stand on small footholds and ledges.


climbing shoes for all those who want greater performance

Our PERFORMANCE models are ideal for anyone looking for performance-orientated yet comfortable shoes for sport climbing and bouldering at the crag or in the gym. We combine a range of technical solutions to offer suitable models for all forms of climbing and bouldering. The midsoles we use create an outstanding balance between sensitivity and stability. As a result, your climbing shoes offer you greater feeling when stepping as well as plenty of relief for your foot muscles.

Our PERFORMANCE models also offer additional support through a balanced combination of downturn, i.e. a downward slope in the forefoot area, and pretension for better power transfer to the toes. This helps you step and stand cleanly. Thanks to the materials used and slightly asymmetrical rands, our shoes are comfortable to wear despite being performance oriented. Your feet will particularly love this during those slightly longer training sessions.

    The range includes an extremely soft and highly sensitive model, which is particularly popular with boulderers, as well as an ultra-precise shoe for the smallest of climbing footholds. Thanks to the Vibram XS Grip rubber sole with an ultra-precise cut, all HIGH-END models guarantee outstanding grip and sensitivity.

    For perfect tension on steep and overhanging routes, they also offer strong pre-tensioning and pronounced downturn. The pre-tensioning furthermore ensures your ability to place precise heel hooks. The split sole gives these bouldering and climbing shoes more flexibility, while ample rubber in the toe area offers you secure grip during toe hooks. Anyone looking for high-tech shoes to help them reach their full climbing potential will find what they are looking for here.