The brands EDELRID and Red Chili are presenting exciting new climbing products for 2025. These include some of the lightest products currently available on the market as well as enhancements and new developments in the areas of responsible climbing equipment and increased safety.


Soft and Aggressive

The sensitive partner for demanding bouldering and climbing

The Voltage X from Red Chili is a soft, high-end shoe that has been fully tailored to the demands of modern, dynamic bouldering and climbing. In combination with the soft shoe design, its aggressive tension system particularly impresses on steep terrain and large volumes, where plenty of sensitivity, good friction, the occasional jump, and rock-solid hooks are required. Whether at the crag or in a gym, the Red Chili Voltage X is the perfect companion for all those looking for a well-fitting, comfortable, high-end shoe for steep routes and dynamic bouldering problems.

  • Vibram XS Grip split sole
  • RC-tension S midsole
  • Slipper design
  • Fast-lacing system with 1 VCR strap
  • Aggressive downturn
  • Aggressive pretensioning
  • Aggressive asymmetry
  • Large toe patch
  • Weight: 550 g (per pair in UK size 7.5)
  • Sizes: UK 3–12
  • Color: red-marine


The Lightest Single Rope in the World

Ultralight high-end rope for the toughest sport climbing routes

In launching the Siskin Eco Dry, EDELRID offers the lightest single rope in the world at present. The high-end rope weighs as little as 48 grams per meter, ranking it among a handful of ropes on the market that fall below the 50-gram threshold. This makes the ultralight Siskin the perfect partner when climbing the toughest projects or onsight climbing at the limit.

  • Lightest single rope on the market
  • Particularly ideal for projects where every gram counts
  • Robust sheath structure for top handling and outstanding abrasion resistance
  • Permanently water repellent and dirt resistant thanks to the PFC and PFAS-free Eco Dry finish
  • Water absorption of < 2% far lower than required by the UIAA Water Repellent Test
  • Thermo Shield treatment for pleasant handling
  • 3D lap coiling enables instant use without tangles
  • Triple certification for additional use as a half and twin rope
  • Weight per meter: 48 g/m
  • Diameter: 8.6 mm
  • Colors: neon green (499) and icemint (329)


The First Climbing Rope Made of Bio-Based Material

A new approach to the resource-conserving production of climbing ropes thanks to the use of renewable raw materials

With the Birdlime 1R, EDELRID presents the first synthetic climbing rope with a renewable material content of over 40%. Thanks to the use of bio-based polyamide, which is partly made from the oil of the castor plant, the Allgäu-based company has significantly reduced the use of fossil resources and therefore made a further pioneering achievement in the field of responsible climbing equipment.

  • The first synthetic rope on the market to be partially made from renewable raw materials
  • Over 40% of the rope is made from bio-based material obtained from the oil of the castor plant
  • Makes far lower use (1R) of conventional yarns from fossil raw materials and promotes the use of renewable raw materials
  • Certified as a single rope
  • Weight per meter: 60 g
  • Colors: royal-pink (277)
  • Thermo Shield treatment for pleasant handling
  • 3D lap coiling enables instant use without tangles


A Rope Made From 100% Recycled Materials

The first dynamic climbing rope to be completely made from recycled materials, obtained by EDELRID by specially setting aside waste from its own rope production facilities
For the first time ever, an entire rope, i.e. the core and sheath, has been made from 100% recycled materials – the NEO 100 3R. The idea is to completely close the materials cycle and obtain all materials from the rope residues generated by EDELRID’s in-house rope factory in Isny. New processing techniques and, above all, the combination of mechanically and chemically recycled materials have made it possible to increase the recycled content of the rope to 100% without having to compromise on quality. As a result, the NEO 100 3R has the lowest carbon footprint of any single rope in the EDELRID range, making it a genuine alternative for anyone who wants to join the Allgäu company in helping make climbing more responsible.

  • Single rope made from 100% recycled materials (3R).
  • Reduced ecological footprint through the use of high-quality yarn and rope residues from our production facilities for the recycling process
  • Thermo Shield treatment for pleasant handling
  • 3D lap coiling enables instant use without tangles
  • Weight per meter: 59 g/m
  • Diameter: 9.6 mm
  • Color: lavender (085)


Ultralight High-End Climbing Harness

The ideal partner for testing your limits

A light weight matters. This is the concept behind the high-performance ACE climbing harness, which combines a minimum weight and pack size with maximum freedom of movement and wear comfort. Thanks to adjustments to the material and the extremely thin, length-adjustable bum straps, the updated version of the EDELRID Ace climbing harness is slightly lighter once again while also featuring a more stable and durable waist belt. This offers an incomparable feel to wearers—you’ll barely notice the harness and can fully focus on what really matters even when on the most challenging of climbs.

  • Butterfly shape for enhanced hanging comfort and optimum load distribution
  • 3D-Vent Lite technology: PES and Dyneema® webbing integrated into the waist belt and leg loops ensures a wide force distribution and maximum breathability without adding bulk
  • Stable mesh on the inside and robust outer material for enhanced durability
  • Waist belt can be fully opened using the self-blocking, aluminum Slide-Block buckle for a comfortable and secure harness fit and minimal weight
  • The waist belt and leg loop straps become wider as the harnesses increase in size
  • Central ring made from Dyneema® on the inside and comprehensive polyamide in a kernmantle construction
  • Parallel tie-in points on the hip and leg loop bridges with textile abrasion protection made from a mixture of HMPE and polyamide
  • Red wear indicator in the waist belt strap
  • Light bum straps made from round elastic
  • Five gear loops and two attachment options for ice screw clips
  • The rear gear loops on the XS to S versions are slightly smaller
  • Weight: 274 g (size M)
  • Sizes: XS to L


Versatile climbing harnesses with outstanding wear comfort

Versatile climbing harnesses with outstanding wear comfort

Tried and tested,  revised, and ultra-comfortable—the Jay and Jayne are popular all-round harnesses from the EDELRID collection. The fourth-generation versions feature sophisticated updates for wear, hanging, and even standing comfort that is more personalized than ever. The new butterfly shape of the waist belt optimally distributes loads and enhances hanging comfort. The Center Fit construction enables the hip padding to be moved and thus perfectly aligned with the central ring. The soft, smooth design of the two parallel tie-in points together with the enlarged upper tie-in point enables simpler tie-ins. The enlarged central ring furthermore provides enhanced comfort when standing and belaying.

  • Butterfly shape for enhanced hanging comfort and optimum load distribution
  • Center Fit construction: movable padding at the hips for optimally adjusting the harness and centrally positioning the hip padding
  • Slide Block buckles on the waist belt and leg loops can be fully opened to make the harness easier to put on when wearing skis or crampons
  • The waist belt and leg loops become wider as the harnesses increase in size
  • Large central ring made from polyamide for outstanding comfort when standing and belaying
  • Parallel tie-in points on the hip and leg loop bridges with textile abrasion protection made from a mixture of HMPE and polyamide
  • Red wear indicator in the load-bearing straps on the waist belt and leg loops, as well as in the central ring
  • Five gear loops, two attachment options for ice screw clips, and a chalk bag loop on the back
  • bluesign® products
  • Sizes: S–XL (Jay), XS–XL (Jayne)
  • Weight: 410 (M, Jay), 407 (M, Jayne)


The Safety Reserve on the Harness

Compact shock absorber for questionable protection and belaying with rope clamps

Anyone who enjoys alpine, big wall, or ice climbing will regularly find themselves confronted with questionable anchor points and/or large gaps. The EDELRID G‑Screamer can significantly reduce the load on protection and therefore be attached to a harness as a reassuring safety reserve. The use in connection with rope clamps pursuant to EN 567 for belaying a follower is also wonderfully innovative. The combination of a G-Screamer and rope clamp significantly reduces the probability of rope damage in the event of a follower fall.

  • HMPE sling with integrated, compact shock absorber
  • Areas of use: alpine, big wall, and ice climbing with questionable anchor points
  • Reduces the dynamic impact force on the anchor point to less than 4 kN
  • 3 kN static response force
  • With a weight of less than 50 g, only negligibly heavier than a conventional quickdraw sling
  • Braking distance 85 cm (total deployed length: 100 cm)
  • The combination of a G‑Screamer and rope clamp pursuant to EN 567 fulfills the dynamic requirements established in EN 15151-1 (braking device with manually assisted locking) and can therefore be used to belay a follower
  • Must not be used to substitute a via ferrata lanyard


Ultralight and Ultrastrong

Versatile technical ice tool for demanding mountaineering activities

The EDELRID Revolt is a technical ice tool that impresses with its ultralow weight (438 g), its compact size (45 cm length), and its strength. It masters steep cruxes as well as icy couloirs and longer glacier and firn passages. It features a pick that has been specially designed for mixed terrain and that adeptly combines maximum stability with efficiency. Both the head and shaft are ergonomically shaped, easy to hold, and support energy-saving gripping and optimum placement. This makes the Revolt the perfect lightweight partner for demanding mountain tours, ski mountaineering, and classic north face climbing.

  • Aluminum shaft for a very low overall weight (438 g)
  • Compact size thanks to the short length (45 cm)
  • Compact 4 mm pick made from corrosion-resistant steel for demanding mixed terrain and classic north face climbing
  • Ergonomically shaped head section: sits optimally in the hand for good control
  • Sandblasted, anodized shaft for perfect grip plus ridges on the section of the shaft that is held for even greater grip (e.g. when striking)
  • Large cut-outs for carabiners in the head and at the end of the shaft
  • Shaft with a spike-like ‘tip’ in the lower section and an integrated cap to prevent the penetration of snow
  • Compatible with all technical attachments for EDELRID ice tools to enable customized adaptation to different conditions and areas of use (exception: accelerator not compatible with the Revolt)
  • All EDELRID ice axes plus the REVOLT and RIOT have the same shaft profile for compatibility with the finger rest (modularity)
  • Finger rest and Allen key included


Since its establishment in 1863, EDELRID has developed into a leading manufacturer of personal protective equipment (PPE), especially ropes and climbing equipment. EDELRID products are developed for mountaineering and climbing. Furthermore, EDELRID climbing equipment is used for professional purposes, for example for work safety, industrial climbing, tree care, mountain rescues, and rescues from heights. The company is particularly characterized by outstanding innovation and its focus on sustainability. EDELRID specializes in the development and production of ropes, and brought the first bluesign® certified ropes to the market. All product development activities take place at the head office in the German town of Isny im Allgäu, where 60 percent of all products (including 100 percent of ropes) are produced. This guarantees not only exceptional quality and functionality, but also ongoing innovation. The renowned climbing shoe brand Red Chili has been part of EDELRID’s product portfolio since 2017. Since 2022, the EDELRID Group has also included avalanche backpack manufacturer ABS Sports + Protection GmbH & Co. KG.