Do you know that tingling feeling that tells you: it's going to work today? Your route, your boulder, your goal?

You've worked hard, you've had a lot of fun of course...and today it just fits because everything fits: the atmosphere, the session, the people - you're completely fired up for sending today!

We don't just say it, we feel it: we are on fire for Red Chili. We put so much fire into our climbing shoes, now we want to see what you make of it! Show us how fired-up you are!

Moritz Hans: "I'm on fire for tough moves and rough rock".

"For me, Fired up sums up the feeling I associate with my bouldering and climbing training. For me, climbing is breaking out of everyday life, and in no other sport am I as focused as on the wall. I also associate fired-up with cheering each other on. It's incredible how much it helps to motivate each other. We motivate each other and we also measure ourselves against each other. That was the coolest feeling for me even as a child, that I get to compete with the bigger and stronger ones. I think that's the best way to grow beyond yourself."

Philipp Hans: "I burn for climbing because it is so versatile".

"I've known Red Chili since I was a kid, and the sport, the movement and the spirit really flashed me right from the start. And I still feel that spirit today with Red Chili - the family feel, the community feel and the originality. What I associate with Fired up is flowy climbing, these flowy movements over long routes. It's like a choreography that is worked out to the last detail and when every nuance is right at some point, then I'm happy. For me, this sport is about perseverance. And because it is so versatile, it always remains exciting. For example, I never have to get myself up to go to training. For me, it's always varied and really fun.