EDELRID strengthens the climbing shoe brand Red Chili

In 1996, the climbing shoe brand Red Chili was founded by the two passionate climbers Stefan Glowacz and Uwe Hofstädter. Since 2017, the brand belongs to the EDELRID Group and continued to be accompanied by Glowacz and Hofstädter. With the end of 2022, the two founders say goodbye and turn to new tasks. Red Chili is to experience a strong push in the coming years with a focus on the development and production of climbing shoes.

The development of the Red Chili collection is handled by a dedicated team at EDELRID's headquarters in Isny im Algäu. The prototypes are handmade in Isny and tested and revised in collaboration with Red Chili athletes. "The development of climbing shoes is complex and the climbing shoe market is a demanding market with established players. This is exactly where we see our potential, because we can develop very quickly and flexibly at our own location", says Vitus Wuhrer, Managing Director of EDELRID GmbH & Co. KG. "We are not afraid to set new standards in performance and ecological footprint with creative ideas to support bouldering and climbing enthusiasts on their personal journey from the gym to the crag," affirms Wuhrer.

The thanks to the founders of the shoes with the sharp chili pod.

In 2017, Red Chili went to the Allgäu-based mountain sports company in a merger. "I would like to express my sincere thanks to Stefan and Uwe for their support, advice and commitment over the past five years. We will continue their legacy, strengthen Red Chili and raise its international profile. We have built up a lot of expertise in footwear over the last few years and want to develop further in this segment," says Vitus Wuhrer, Managing Director of EDELRID GmbH & Co. KG.

The Red Chili Sensor is particularly sensitive and was developed specifically for climbing and bouldering on artificial holds and for competitions.

Red Chili is a brand of EDELRID GmbH & Co.KG


Since its founding in 1863, EDELRID has become one of the leading manufacturers of ropes, climbing equipment and personal protective equipment (PPE). The company is characterized in particular by a high level of innovation and sustainability. EDELRID specializes in rope development and manufacturing and has launched the first bluesign® certified ropes on the market. All product development takes place at the company's headquarters in Isny in the Allgäu region, where 60% of all products (especially all ropes) are also manufactured. This guarantees both the exceptional quality and functionality that EDELRID users worldwide appreciate, as well as lasting innovation. Since 2017, the renowned climbing shoe brand Red Chili has been part of the EDELRID product portfolio. Since 2022, the ABS Sports + Protection GmbH & Co.KG, manufacturer of avalanche backpacks, has expanded the EDELRID Group.