25 Years of Red Chili Climbing Shoes

The then small German climbing shoe brand Red Chili launched its first models on the market quarter of a century ago. Just as climbing has developed explosively over this period, the brand with the red pepper has continually matured. What started with three models has now become a full-fledged collection of climbing and bouldering shoes for the broadest range of feet, requirements, and skill levels. Anyone who wants to check out the impressive properties for themselves can put the latest Red Chili bouldering and climbing shoes to the test in a gym near them from October on the Urban Tour 2023.

The Red Chili founders and experienced climbing partners Stefan Glowacz and Uwe Hofstätter launched the first three models Durango, Mescalito, and Zorro 25 years ago. As time went by, they added new shoes for multi-pitch climbing, sport climbing and bouldering, for outdoor use and later also specifically for use in gyms. The rubber and the fit in particular motivated climbing icons like Ben Moon to switch to Red Chili. Several years later, in addition to new climbing shoes, the product range was expanded to include a clothing collection. Since 2018, Red Chili has belonged to the company EDELRID and been managed by the mountain sports and climbing equipment provider from Isny im Allgäu. Further development work now takes place in close collaboration with the founding fathers, shoe designers, and orthopedic shoemakers in the in-house studio. The team places a strong focus on good fits for different feet as well as performance-oriented climbing and bouldering shoes.

From rock climbing to the on-trend sport of bouldering

At the same time, climbing is developing with increasing speed from a peripheral sport to a mass one. Gone are the days of dark, musty training shacks. More and more stylish gyms with carefully conceived concepts and attractive services are opening their doors. Climbing and bouldering are becoming socially acceptable and finding their way into urban life. Red Chili is making a name for itself in the rental shoe sector. The red pepper is at home on the nation’s mats and Red Chili models are often the first proper climbing shoes that beginners put on their feet. Those who stick with the sport can choose their favorite shoe from the Comfort, Performance, or High-End lines in accordance with their requirements, feet shape, and climbing style. The development team perfectly aligns the technologies in relation to precision, stability, sensitivity, and comfort so that the range offers the right model for each and every requirement and purpose. Red Chili shoes therefore accompany people on their ‘climbing career’ from their first-ever indoor session to Alpine tours in the Dolomites and Alps, bouldering trips to Fontainebleau, or simply regular visits to their local gym.

From young talents to athletes

Red Chili pays special attention to young climbers. The shoes in the Young Talents collection are made with both passion and orthopedic expertise. This is because children’s and adolescents’ feet place very special requirements on shoes so as not to impede healthy growth. Red Chili is meticulous about using materials and designs that guarantee outstanding comfort and a child-friendly fit. To underpin its commitment to young people, Red Chili supports up-and-coming climbers/boulderers and brings young talent into its team. These are supported and mentored by the experienced Red Chili athletes Philipp and Moritz Hans.

A fresh look for the brand

In 2023, Red Chili also refreshed its own brand image and launched a new website including an online shop. The new design aims to attract a younger target group, and the improved navigation and in-depth information about climbing and bouldering shoes should help customers find the perfect shoes quickly, easily, and in a well-informed manner.

To enable all those who are committed to climbing and bouldering to check out the quality, comfort, and performance of the shoes for themselves, the Allgäu-based company organizes an annual Red Chili Urban Tour. From October, a team of shoe experts will tour Europe’s most popular climbing/bouldering gyms, offering people the unique opportunity to test the latest models directly on site.

For more information, please visit: www.redchiliclimbing.com

Red Chili is an EDELRID GmbH & Co. KG brand

The Red Chili brand includes climbing and bouldering shoes, clothing, and accessories. The products are developed, designed, and created in southern Germany—in the midst of a strong and active climbing community. They use innovative, sustainable materials that support comfort and personal performance. Red Chili shoes and clothing are designed to promote climbing and bouldering fun, and include models for everyone from young children to professionals. What has set Red Chili apart for over 25 years is the comfort of the shoes—after all, only when everything fits perfectly can personal limits be pushed to new heights.