• How Everything Began

    When did you first start wearing Red Chili shoes, and what was your initial impression of them?

    I climb with Red Chili shoes since I am seven years old, so unfortunately I don't remember that much about my first impressions. But shortly after I joined the team Baden-Württemberg and started to climb at national competitions, I became a Red Chili athlete. I remember being very proud and excited to receive such great support at such a young age.

    Can you share a memorable climbing or bouldering moment where Red Chili shoes played a pivotal role in your performance?

    A memorable moment for me was definitely my first Youth World Championship. It was a whole new world for me and being able to rely on my equipment gave me a lot of security in the midst of so much excitement.

  • Red Chili Shoes Over the Years

    How have you seen Red Chili shoes evolve and improve over the years, and what specific changes or features do you appreciate most?

    Over the years, I’ve seen Red Chili shoes evolve and improve significantly. The shoes have become more specialized and tailored to different climbing styles and preferences. That is something I appreciate a lot, because I really like soft shoes where I can feel what I’m standing on. What was also very great to see (and feel) were the improvements in design and materials that enhanced the comfort even in high-end shoes.

    What is your favorite pair of Red Chili shoes from the past 25 years, and what makes them special to you?

    My favourite pair of Red Chili shoes from the past 25 years would have to be the Atomic´s. They hold a special place in my heart because they accompanied me on that incredible journey and the memories associated with them are irreplaceable. But I also love the Mystics. They accompany me in my normal training, my work as a coach and also at competitions. For me, they are an absolutely great high-end shoe and still really comfortable.

  • Why Red Chili?

    As an athlete who has been a part of our Red Chili journey, what message do you have for the climbing community about the brand?

    To the climbing community, I'd like to express that Red Chili has been a steadfast companion throughout my climbing journey. This brand has consistently provided top-tier climbing shoes that elevate both performance and comfort. I wholeheartedly recommend fellow climbers to delve into the array of Red Chili footwear options, allowing them to discover the ideal match for their unique climbing preferences and styles.

    What specific features of Red Chili shoes do you appreciate the most in your climbing style?

    The specific features of Red Chili shoes that I appreciate the most in my climbing style are the precise fit and sensitivity. These characteristics allow me to feel the holds or rock and make precise adjustments, especially on technical climbs and small footholds.

    As we celebrate 25 years of Red Chili shoes, what message would you like to share with fellow climbers and boulderers?

    As we celebrate 25 years of Red Chili shoes, I'd like to remind fellow climbers and boulderers that our community is built on passion, dedication, and a love for the sport. Let's remember to support and uplift each other whether it's to reach new hights or just to spend time together and have fun climbing.

    What does it mean to you personally to be part of the Red Chili family as we mark this milestone?

    For me, it means a lot to be part of the Red Chili family. Red Chili has been with me since I was a little girl. Since my first competition with red chili shoes, they have accompanied me over a long way from Kids Cups to European Youth Cups to Youth World Championships. Having such a great partnership for ten years is really great, so I'm even more pleased to be able to celebrate such an anniversary together with Red Chili.

    In your opinion, what sets Red Chili apart from other climbing shoe brands, and why do you continue to choose them?

    What sets Red Chili apart from other climbing shoe brands, in my opinion, is the perfect balance between performance and comfort. Red Chili consistently delivers shoes that excel in both aspects, which is crucial for climbers looking to push their limits while still enjoying their time climbing.