• Climbing

    My greatest successes in climbing so far (whether bouldering, climbing, on the rock or indoors, in competitions):

    I experienced my greatest success when I decided to quit soccer and start climbing with DAV Heilbronn. Since at that time I was only climbing with my parents and my brother and was not in any youth group, I really wanted to become part of a youth group. Unfortunately, all the places were taken at that time. Then a youth cup took place in Heilbronn, in which I was allowed to participate. At the cup, I immediately made it to second place and was allowed to start directly with the Heilbronn performance group.

    My favorite climbing spots:

    Climbing in Arco and in the Franconian Jura is totally cool.

    My favorite boulder spots:

    I like to go bouldering in the Odenwald (Lützelbach) and in Fontainebleau.


  • Goals for the future

    My climbing specific goals:

    My interests lie in bouldering and lead climbing. I think that's pretty cool in competitions and on the rock. I definitely want to find out how far I can go. It's important for me to do something with others and have fun climbing and bouldering together.

    My non-climbing goals:

    I don't know exactly what I want to do yet. First of all I want to finish my secondary school and then I would like to do my A-levels at a vocational high school.

  • Hobbies

    I do something with friends or have to study for school.