Renting Out Climbing Shoes

Red Chili RENTAL Shoes for Bouldering and Climbing Gyms

As an operator of a climbing or bouldering gym, a mountain sports school, a guide, or a provider of climbing courses, you can make your services even more attractive, especially when focusing on beginners, by offering your customers rental shoes. This gives them functional equipment for their first forays into climbing without having to invest in their own climbing shoes. It’s important to note that these rental shoes are designed to meet completely different requirements than privately owned shoes.


The Red Chili RENTAL line is characterized by the following properties:

1. Climbing shoes that last

Rental shoes have to withstand a great deal over their lifetime and fulfill different requirements to privately owned shoes. Firstly, they are worn far more frequently and by different people within a short period. Secondly, customers with little experience and imprecise footwork leave more rubber on the wall. As a result, all SESSION models come with a particularly thick, abrasion-resistant, and durable sole that generates impressive levels of friction without being too stiff. We also use a double rand in the toe area. The robust, polyester knit upper and hard-wearing VCR straps make the shoes more durable, so your Red Chili RENTAL collection will last for many years and you can always offer your customers the right shoes.

2. Odorless, hygenic rental shoes

All of our rental shoes have a hemp footbed. This natural material is characterized by antibacterial and odorless properties. It also naturally repels dirt and sweat. The polyester knit upper absorbs far less moisture than microfiber and offers outstanding breathability thanks to the numerous ventilation holes. The combination of a hemp footbed and knit upper prevents the buildup of sweat and odors and allows the shoes to dry quickly.


3. Functional shoes that are suitable for many users

Customers who rent their shoes are often relatively new to the worlds of climbing and bouldering. They should have as much fun as possible, feel safe, and certainly not have to deal with painful feet or cumbersome shoes. Red Chili rental shoes therefore have a particularly large step-in area and wide, durable, easy-to-use VCR straps. Together with the pull-on loops, these make the shoes easier to put on and take off. The SESSION line offers good grip on the footholds and relieves strain on the foot muscles thanks to a stable midsole. The knit upper with few seams and the neutral shoe shape make the shoes comfortable to wear. Our development team created the last in close cooperation with our partner gyms, enabling them to develop a fit that most customers should find extremely comfortable and precise.

4. Optimized administration

To stop rental shoes ending up in a chaos of jumbled sizes, we’ve fitted a press stud to the pull-on loops on our RENTAL models. This enables you and your team to store the shoes in perfectly organized pairs. To speed things up when serving customers, all shoes also have a size key on the heel. Thanks to the hemp footbed and the knit upper, the shoes are highly breathable and have little sweat residue. They can also be easily cleaned and superbly ventilated if required. We’ve also integrated a pocket for an RFID chip for all those who already use a digital solution for rental and tracking purposes, or who are interested in an even easier way to manage their shoes. 


5. Non-marking soles 

To protect your walls from undesired rubber marks, the SESSION Air comes with a durable, abrasion-resistant, gray sole. This makes black marks a thing of the past, even with the wildest of footwork.

6. Cost effectiveness

To make both the procurement costs of your rental collection and the rental costs for your customers attractive, when developing our rental shoes we not only focus on comfort and performance, but also, and above all, on durability. The procurement costs resulting from the durable materials and outstanding workmanship must therefore be regarded in relation to the rental shoes’ service life. This has two benefits: 

  1. We reduce the ecological footprint through the longest possible service life. 
  2. We enable a comparatively high number of rental processes, which in turn leads to early amortization. Every additional rental increases the economic attractiveness while also enabling you to offer customers our rental shoes at attractive prices.