Handy Climbing and Bouldering Accessories 

Knee pads and crack gloves: less pain, more grip   

Anyone who has mastered kneebars can not only impress with a hands-free technique for resting on the rock, but also get the recovery they need to complete routes, especially long ones. Placing kneebars is far easier and less painful when using a knee pad that protects your skin without restricting your freedom of movement.  

Thanks to being embossed with “sticky” neoprene, our KNEEROCK fits firmly to the thigh and offers secure grip. You also need grip when jamming. This is something our JAMROCK crack gloves offer you, while also protecting the back of your hand—making it that bit easier and less painful to climb cracks. The lining is made from durable microfiber and has a silicone print that ensures good adhesion between the gloves and the back of the hand. 

Climbing and bouldering brushes for clean grips and footholds   

Anyone who climbs and boulders also has to clean. After all, who wants to slip from a greasy grip or have their climbing fun spoiled by tick marks? Made in Germany, our climbing and bouldering brushes with natural hair bristles remove white marks from walls in no time. Little work for you, great benefit for the climbing community. Everyone who follows you will thank you.